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Hi , Thanks for stopping by! I’m Bukola Johnson! I am a Senior Platform Engineer , a Speaker, and a Mentor

I am passionate about solving problems with technology. I help Organisations have a stable and reliable platform for their services by using my skillset as a Senior Platform Engineer and I am constantly learning on how to improve on my skills .

 I am passionate about bringing change and Inclusion into Tech, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and mentoring younger people that are trying to move into the Tech space especially women and young girls  .

I am also interested in increasing the visibility of women in technology. I have done that so far by volunteering at SheCodeAfrica as a coordinator of the DevOps channel where I mentor and guide ladies interested in moving into the cloud/DevOps space . I also help young girls get started with their Tech journey in Cloud .

I am an ambassador for Google Womentechmaker program and an Organizer at the WTM Berlin Chapter

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